Communication is the foundation of all human relationships. There are more than 7 billion people on  the planet, each with different Feelings, Likes, Attitudes, Values and Actions or "FLAVAs"These personality differences can make effective communication very challenging. It's not just all about race, much of it is about personalities.

Take one moment and think about someone in your life who is of a different race than you and you want to IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIP with that person. You have the POWER right now to Improve and Win in that relationship!


Key FLAVA Principles That will Help You Win in ALL Relationships, Regardless of Race!

1. What’s Your FLAVA? is designed for performance improvement.

2. Communicate unto others as they would have you communicate unto them.

3. Differences make the difference.

4. All winning is based on leveraging our diversity. LEVERSITY!

5. We must effectively manage our Relationship Scoreboards.


Please Join VSC Online Ministries Every Tuesday Evening At 7PM Eastern For A Powerful Webinar Series That Offers 
​Practical Solutions To Effective Communication In ALL Relationships

During the upcoming Series of Beyond Diversity to Leversity, the Differences Make the Difference, we will explore the Six Secrets from Shinar:

​1.       The Differences Make the Difference

2.       Learn Yourself Before You Can Understand Others

3.       Harmony Not Homogeneity

4.       Conflict does not equal Hate

5.       Comprehensive Communication

6.       Transformational Relationships

The Six Secrets of Shinar 4-Week Solutions-Based Webinar Experience...

  • Is a powerful, engaging and practical Training Series on the power of communication and its incredible impact on the relationships within our lives.

  • Will show us that there is not only hope for a better brighter day. There is a solution to our problem. The people of the Plain of Shinar achieved Unity and Harmony and the Secrets of Shinar will also show us how to achieve this in our families and communities today.


  • Will show us that race and racial differences are just one of the many elements that make us different from one another. 


  • More importantly teach us that we actually THINK differently, we Process information Differently and consequently Communicate Differently. ​

  • Is a biblically based series taken from Genesis Chapter 11


What’s Your FLAVA?® is a brand-new approach to solve an age-old problem!

The Differences Make the Difference. We will learn how that our Diversity of Knowledge, Gifts, Talents and Perspectives and even Race are the very things that provide Value to the collective. That if we were all the same then we would not be the Spiritual Symphony that God intended. We all cannot play the same note, and we all do not play the same instrument. That is NOT Harmony, that would be Homogeneity!

It’s only through Leveraging our Diversity through Communication that we are able to achieve the True Harmony. Transformational Communication is like the Sheet Music for Symphony of the Souls..