​​SPICY: Just as its symbol, the Jalapeno, represents intensity, the SPONTANEOUSLY SPICY personality represents impulsiveness. SPICY symbolizes dynamism, an engaging physical presence, effusiveness and passion. In conceptual terms, SPICY is energy personified. 

​Those with
SPICY as their Central FLAVA are propelled to attain goals, to achieve, to win. They are drawn to situations that provide a “positive” charge.

The SPICY Motto is
Keep it MOVING.
MILD:Just as its symbol, the Tea Leaves, represent calm, the MEDITATIVELY MILD  personality represents introspection and serenity. MILD symbolizes tranquility, peace and calmness throughout life’s dynamics, but especially within human relationships. In conceptual terms, MILD is serenity personified. 

Those with
MILD as their Central FLAVA value balance and harmony. They prefer lives free from tension... settled, united, and secure.

The MILD Motto is
Keep it CALM.

​​TANGY: Just as its symbol, the Lime, represents distinctiveness, the TECHNICALLY TANGY personality represents our capacity for analysis and problem-solving.  TANGY symbolizes the human pursuit of knowledge and information. In conceptual terms, TANGY is the personification of our intellect and curiosity.

 Those with
TANGY as their Central FLAVA are motivated by finding solutions, questioning authority and proving the abstract.

The TANGY Mottois 
Keep it CLEAR.

​​​SALTY:  Just as its symbol, Salt, represents a foundational element of life, the  SERIOUSLY SALTY personality represents stability. SALTY symbolizes a strong desire to connect and to be accountable in the various aspects of life. In conceptual terms, SALTY is reliability and stability personified.

 Those with SALTY as their Central FLAVA are compelled to provide structure, achieve results, to be accountable, to complete the task at hand. 

The SALTY Mottois

Keep it REAL.