Much of the success of an academic institution depends upon communication, not only inside the classroom between teacher and student, but also throughout the entire campus. A student’s day begins with the first interaction – be it with a bus driver or school secretary and continues throughout the day and into the surrounding community. Understanding the FLAVAs of everyone in your educational community will have an instant positive change and improve the overall educational process.

Effective communication within our family structures is even more important than communicating in any of the other environments in our lives. We must invest the time and energy in creating a system of communicating with the people that we love and value most. Understanding ourselves and our tendencies will assist us in understanding the members of our family. What's Your FLAVA? makes an impact on your family unit that will propel you together towards your family and individual goals.

Personality clashes are cited by employees as the leading cause of work place conflicts which cost U.S. companies more than $350 billion each year(Source: CPP, Inc.)  Work demands can bring numerous opportunities for stress and frustration alone, but combine these challenges with staff conflicts, personality clashes and snarled lines of communication and it becomes virtually impossible to deliver excellence. The What's Your FLAVA? system can help you address these challenges and create a more harmonious and effective work environment.

Dealing with the public can be rewarding and fulfilling, and yet there are times that dealing with the various personalities of those you serve can be difficult. When you can recognize the FLAVAs of others, you can understand how to relate to them better. You’ll discover ways to motivate, encourage and communicate with even those you thought you could never connect with.

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